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38 Inch Inseam Jeans for Tall Men

Finding a quality pair of jeans with a long inseam is the ultimate clothing challenge for most tall men. But high quality, stylish men's jeans are available in extra long inseams (37, 38 and even 40 inch) and here are our best picks.

For fashion jeans without the designer price tag, Buckle should be your first port of call for their own BKE brand (see below) or other mid-range brands.

Two other must-check sites are Amazon's Denim Shop and Zappo's both of which offer a wide range of brands and sizes, so you should always find something that fits your budget and your taste.

If you are in search of value and some Western Style, then look no further than Sheplers, which is big on Wranglers and offers at least half a dozen other brands of jeans with long inseam.

You may need to look no further than these four options! Once you get them, remember to wash inside-out on a cool wash (30 degrees Centigrade), stretch and hang to dry to preserve the length.

BKE from Buckle : Extra Long Jeans

Buckle started as a denim retailer, but now produce their own jeans under the BKE brand, which includes a wide range of styles in both 36" (X-LONG) and 38" inseam (XX-LONG). Buckle traditionally focus on higher end denim brands and their own label reflects this, with a variety of distressed effects, pocket detailing and dye options that give a more contemporary feel. The styles in 38 inch inseam are Tyler (mid-rise) and Seth (normal rise). The Buckle site is a breeze to navigate, with a specific function for choosing jeans by inseam (why do so few sites offer this?!) but nonetheless you'll find a selection of styles shown below.

Levi's Tall Jeans

As one of the oldest denim labels, the red tab of Levi's is instantly recognisable. Unsurprising then that Levi's have one of the best ranges of jeans for big and tall men. Styles with a 38 inch inseam include the red tab classic 501 as well as the 517 and 527 boot cuts and also the relaxed 550, 559 and 560 that often come in larger waist sizes. For the more fashion conscious, Levi's Silver Tab in loose or baggy styles also come in a 38 inch inseam. Some styles are also available in a 40 inch inseam. If you need 36" inseam jeans the selection is even wider.
I have never seen a 38 inseam in stores (even Levi's stores), so you're best off going straight online. Zappos have an excellent selection of Levi's 501 in a range of colors, waists and 36", 38" and 40" inseam (lefthand picture below). Amazon's Denim Shop and Shepler's also have a constant stock of long inseam styles.

Wrangler Tall Jeans

A classic denim label with a great reputation for comfortable, well fitting jeans, Wrangler boasts a wide range of styles with a 38" inseam, with some styles available in up to 40" inseam and waist sizes from 28 - 48 inches. Styles include 47MWZ and 13MWZ rigid styles (Sheplers have both with a 40 inch inseam) as well as the cowboy cut George Strait (Amazon) and various other styles including the retro relaxed fit below which is one of my favorites. The TwentyX range is also available in a 38 inseam.
Shepler's should be your first destination for tall jeans from Wrangler, with an impressive selection of styles with a 38 inch inseam. Amazon's Denim Shop have some wider waists but a more limited selection overall.

More Western Inspired Denim: Cinch, Ariat, Stetson and Petrol Extra Long Men's Jeans

Both of these denim brands are recent success stories that build on a Western heritage and combine inspiration from the great outdoors with modern denim trends. They are typically available in Western stores (like Sheplers, Cavenders or Drysdales).

Carhartt : Tall Jeans & Workwear

Traditionally Carhartt has been a workwear brand, with a range of clothes that includes flame proof jeans and dungarees. The focus on workwear does mean that they offer a wide selection of large and tall sizes. Carhartt do produce some more fashion focussed jeans and in Europe, it has established itself as a major streetwear brand. Both their traditional fit and relaxed fit styles come in a 38 inch inseam, and a wider variety of styles is available in a 36" inseam. Amazon Denim Shop generally has a good selection.

Designer brands for men's tall jeans

At the higher end of the market, only a few dedicated denim labels offer a 38 inch inseam. Rock & Republic, Hudson and Big Star do offer 37 inch and 38 inch inseam but stockists vary so you will have to search for them.
If you're really seriously into denim, there are some specialist brands that offer long inseams, specially sourced (often Japanese) denim and trendy detailing. But check carefully, because if you buy jeans with 'raw' denim rather than 'pre-shrunk' or 'sanforised' denim, then the denim will shrink between 1-2 inches in length . . . and you have to 'wear them in' without washing for six months! Still interested? Then try Imperial Denim, Samurai, Flat Head or Self Edge. Ande Whall, a one-man outfit in New Zealand, will also make raw denim jeans to your specific measurements.
Michael Kors, Nautica, Tommy Bahama and Joseph Abboud all offer one or two styles of jeans with a 38 inch inseam, typically available only through online big and tall clothing stores with a waist from 36 inches and above. Stock and styles vary in availability, so you can try Amazon's Denim Shop or Zappos and if they do not help, search for the brand directly through a search engine.
Polo Ralph Lauren, the staple of men's smart casual wear, have quite a good range for bigger men which includes 38 inch jeans from specialist outlets. Look for them at Destination XL and other suppliers. Sizes are limited, but you may be able to find Stanton, Morris, Hampton and Hudson styles with a 38 inch inseam and waist from 36 - 42 inches.

Still looking?

Budget end brands that offer styles with a 38 inch inseam include River Road, Liberty Blues and Greystone, all available through the standard big and tall online stores that you will find with a search query.
If you are in search of something with a standard or larger waist (36 inch wait and above) and something practical rather than fashionable, two of the major big and tall clothing outfitters have their own brand jeans. Although most of their business comes from big men, they have styles with inseam up to 38 or 40 inch, and elasticated waists from 36 - 48 inches. Look for Harbor Bay, one of the in-house brands available at Destination XL or for the unbranded jeans at King Size Direct.
If all else fails, there are now services that allow you to make your own jeans to order. At the expensive end of the scale, you can pay $500 for something that is produced locally to your specific requirements - Levi's offer this service in flagship stores in London and New York. If that seems a little excessive to you (it certainly did to me, but then I am not a denim-head) then you could try Make Your Own Jeans. You can give these guys your body measurements or the measurements of a well-fitting pair of jeans and in a few weeks they will ship you jeans back from India. Although you can find a number of stores online that offer this service, I know this company has been around for a while and has had reasonable reviews. Still, you need to look carefully at the options - for instance if you want something that feels like a typical pair of Levi's then go for a heavier denim like 14 or 15 ounce. You may also need to ask for a refit if jeans do not measure at first - never be afraid to do this.

Long Inseam Tall Jeans in the UK

While Levi's and Wrangler are well known in Europe, I do not know of any suppliers of these or any of the other brands above in Europe who offer a 38 inch inseam. Brands that are frequently available in a 38 inch inseam include better known streetwear labels such as Lee Cooper, Jack & Jones and Sonetti. There is also a range of specialist labels that cater to the tall market, such as Nickelson, KAM, Oakman and Ed Baxter. These typically sell through Big & Tall shops rather than directly to the customer. You can find the biggest range at specialist online sites like Walktall as the only significant chain catering for a 38 inside leg is High & Mighty, whose stock is limited.

Long Inseam Tall Jeans in mainland Europe

Jack & Jones, a Swedish brand, has some 38 inch inseam styles in their online shop. Mustang Jeans, one of Europe's oldest established denim brands, offers 38 inch inseam jeans through the online web store, as do Paddock's and higher end casual wear label Brax (delivery to Germany only, but also available in stores).
The best online source for long inseam Mustang Jeans as well as other brands including G-Star Raw, Paddock and Cross in inseams of 38 inches up to 40 inches is JeansWelt.de.