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27 Sep 2016

Orvis Tall Men's Polo Shirts

Use the code FALL25 now and you can benefit from $25 off any purchase of $50 or more at Orvis (expires Oct 5th). As we head into fall, their long sleeve polos and warm flannel shirts are just the thing to ward off the morning chills.

Orvis is well known for its outdoor and sporting clothing and it is one of few mail order / internet companies to offer tall sizes. Tall sizes are not available for everything (don't bother looking for pants or sweaters here if you're tall) but they do have tall options on their most popular items, like the Orvis "Signature" range.

Their shirts in flannel or cotton with 20% merino wool are just the thing for cooling weather and for some shirts, tall sizes are an impressive 3" longer in sleeves and 3.5" longer in body! Tall polos offer an extra 1-1.5 inches on sleeves and 1.5 inches on the length of the classic fit polo shirts, which already have neat features like a longer body and reinforced tail to tuck in neatly. Even better, you can get three for the price of two on both types of polo shirt up until the end of December. If you are tall and slim, check the measurements carefully as the classic fit shirts will definitely not give a slim fit, if that's what you like.

12 May 2016

Custom Shirts for Tall Men : My first time

A recent trip to Stockholm reminded why it is one of my favorite cities. Apart from the extremely expensive beer and a long dreary winter, the city has pretty much everything going for it. It's a fabulous place to visit in summer and, more relevant to this blog, Sweden has some great clothing options for tall men, including the rather delightful tall store So Long Sven.

One of my best Swedish discoveries is the online custom clothing store (un)imaginatively named Tailor Store. Custom clothing promises to make a real difference for those of us tall men, or indeed any men, who find that typical store sizes don't fit well. Which must be anyone over about 6'4"! While I have tried shirts from a few different sites (and I'll write about them too when I have time), Tailor Store has become my first go-to place for shirts and I have ordered more than half a dozen in the last few years.

All sites make a great thing about the simple process of designing your shirt. Still, the ones that take more measurements should offer a more personalised fit and Tailor Store requires ten measurements to ensure you get a great fit. First time round, it took me (and a helper) about 15 minutes minutes to measure carefully (twice!) each of the ten measurements that are required for a shirt fitting. Keen to ensure that the shirt was long enough I was generous with the length measurements "just to make sure" and ordered a fabric that was on sale to minimise damage to my wallet in case of disaster. As you will see from the middle picture below, I was too cautious on the length! Luckily, this was not a problem . . .

15 Feb 2016

36 Inseam Tall Men's Jeans at Zappos

At Clothing Tall Men we regularly check back for new tall bargains on our favourite sites. This month we were rewarded with a selection of tall jeans from fashion denim brands at Zappos, including Adriano Goldschmied, 7 for all Mankind, Mavi Jeans and others.

Pictured below are three examples, including Adriano Goldschmeid jeans in a 36 inseam which you do not see very often, as well as 7 for All Mankind (a couple of styles when I looked) and a couple of styles from Mavi Jeans, a Turkish denim label. Stock at Zappos changes regularly, so whether you're after higher end designer labels or more affordable denim, now is a good time to look.

17 Dec 2015

Revisiting the men's tall jeans selection at Sheplers

The last time I wrote about Sheplers was back in 2010 (see here) so I thought it was worth going back to see whether they still offer the same wide selection for tall men. I wouldn't be writing this post if they didn't.

Their range of brands is heavily geared towards the traditional Western style rather than trendy distressed denim with fancy labels. However, with a range of prices from $20 to $75, you can get everything from a reliable pair of everyday jeans to the higher end brands of Ariat, Stetson or Rock & Roll Cowboy that offer a bit more style. And with well over 100 styles in a 36 inch inseam and at least 40 styles with a 38 inch inseam, you have a good chance of finding something you like!

9 Nov 2015

Silver Jeans : 36 inch inseam in many styles

Silver Jeans Co. is a family-owned, Canadian denim brand that fills a gap between premium (i.e. expensive!) denim and 'standard' store bought jeans. They call it 'mid luxury' with a blend of modern and vintage details with intricate washes and creative designs. Aimed at customers who are conscious of cost as well as fashion, Silver Jeans offers the latest styles and best quality at a reasonable price. Even better, a range of styles with 36 inch inseam means that tall men can find fashionable jeans at a good price!

We've shown a couple of styles for tall men below, but right now you'll find a variety of jeans styles with a long inseam available on the web site, all for less than $110.

Delivery is free via ground shipping for delivery in the US or Canada. Delivery is also possible to Japan and some countries in Europe. Items can be returned for a full refund within 30 days.

13 Oct 2015

Tall Men's Clothing with Altitutude - Alto Clothing (UK)

Alto Clothing is a UK online store for tall men's clothing, cut for slimmer people. They offer extra long inseam jeans but more importantly, some difficult-to-find tall items like tall hoodies, sweaters and other tops. Alto focuses on affordable clothing on the principle that "value is just as important to you as availability. If you're used to paying premium prices for your clothes, you'll be pleased to know that our commitment is to offer you hard to find tall men's clothing priced as competitively as we can".

Alto caters for tall men from 6ft 3in (1.9m) and have an inseam (inside leg) of over 34in (86cm) and a waist size up to 40in (102cm). They offer waist sizes starting at 30in (76cm) and inseams up to 38in (97cm). Alto focuses more on height than width, with a range of tall trousers and jeans that start at smaller waist sizes (30 inches) than usually found in the shops.

Prices are extremely reasonable although without having ordered from them myself, I cannot comment on quality. Delivery in the UK is not expensive and Alto Clothing also delivers to the US, EU, Australia and New Zealand for 10-15 British pounds per order.

13 Sep 2015

Plus Two Clothing : Street Fashion for Tall Men

Finding a new option for clothing tall men is always a plus. Even more so when it is a business run by tall people for tall people. Enter Plus 2 Clothing.

Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian clothing label that began in 2013 by Josh & Steve, two tall, slim guys who were fed up with how hard it was to find clothing that fit. In their native Australia, it felt that there was a real lack of “fashionable” clothing aimed at taller, slimmer built men under 40.

As Steve tells, it "with this in mind we set about to design our first tall tee. Of course, it took a fair few attempts before we were 100% happy. We paid particular attention to making it a heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton so that it was not only breathable material but also wouldn’t shrink in the wash - if you're a tall bloke there isn’t much worse than your t-shirts shrinking in the wash. We also knew our target market would be mainly people with an athletic/sporty build, so we wanted to make sure that the stitching would hold up when playing sport or working out. We have since created a range of tall hoodies, jackets and are now focusing on tall button-ups and even pants which we hope to launch in the coming months".

15 Feb 2015

Teal Apparel - Extra Long Chinos for men 6 feet and taller

Teal Apparel is one of a growing number of specialist clothing brands set up to cater for the needs of tall men.

These brands are typically set up by families who have experienced the struggle to find decent quality and fit for tall clothes and the Lallier family that set up Teal Apparel in 2010 is no exception. The ambition is to produce a line of affordable tall and long men offerings that place a premium on fit, function and form. For good measure, Teal aims to make absolutely certain to utilize only the finest materials and manufacture all of their range in the USA.

Benefitting from previous experience in the clothing industry, Teal Apparel works in close conjunction with a New York-based design team to eliminate the compromise "that has always been the rock in every tall man’s shoe" when it comes to shopping for clothes.

The current range comprises chinos in classic khaki as well as a range of more adventurous colors - stone, red, blue, black and gray. In line with the "tall not large" philosophy, waist sizes range from 32 to 38 inches and the inseam is 40 inches, which can be finished according to individual needs. Prices are currently around $90 per pair.

4 Jan 2015

T for Tall - extra long men's range up to 6'6" from Ted Baker

Ted Baker recently teamed up with 6'6" Mark Foster, one of the most successful British swimmers of all-time, to launch a US & UK range of tall clothing for men from 6'3" to 6'6" - offering extra long sizes at the point where most stores give up. On the web site, under Men's Clothes, go to "Shop By" in the grey bar and select "T for Tall", or just search for tall in the search box.

Ted Baker is a relatively new entrant to the world of men's fashion but has rapidly expanded across the globe from its humble roots as a shirt specialist in Glasgow. As one of the few brands to carry a dedicated tall range, they deserve a look! You will see stores in higher end malls around the country and maybe the easiest way to describe them is a quirky, colorful relation to J Crew. As they put it "Ted Baker appeals to style-conscious men who trust Ted to deliver that certain something...a little out of the ordinary. Ted offers the best of British style with a quirky twist". Ted Baker also has an extensive women's range but I am not sure whether that includes tall sizes.

The range currently includes 32 items in multiple colors so there should be something there to appeal to most! The brand's cheeky approach to fashion comes through in the names they give to their tall clothes - one tall wool sweater I liked is called "Khalifa" - after the name of the world's tallest building! The sweaters particularly caught my eye as it is near impossible for me to get long wool or patterned sweaters that don't pull up around my waist.

There are also some tall jeans and other pants that are well worth a look plus some variations on polo shirts that are a bit out of the ordinary.

As Ted Baker's web site tells it, it was while travelling through French Polynesia that Ted was astonished to witness one of Britain's most successful all-time swimmers, Mark Foster, making waves in the sparkling cobalt blue waters off Bora-Bora. Listening to Foster's tall tales of squeezing into planes and trains (and, worse, having to settle for sartorial half measures), Ted rose to the challenge to create a swimmingly stylish and uncompromising range of clothing and footwear for all the tall people. Whether you believe that story or not, the T for Tall range is certainly a welcome addition to the limited clothing options for tall men.

29 Dec 2014

Tall Sales to stock up on extra long eseentials

Fed up with buying presents for others? Flush with Christmas gift cash? Keen to spruce up your tall wardrobe in time for the new season?

Here's a selection of the best end-of-year / Christmas sales and clearances that have something for tall people.

Buckle : Select Sale Styles up to 50% Off!

Finding extra long jeans is a basic life skill for us tall people. After hearing the refrain "we only stock extra long inseams online" one time too many in regular stores, I now head straight online first. Most online retailers now make returning and refunding items simple, so there's no reason not to try something out to see how it fits. I like Buckle's own "BKE" range for trendy but affordable denim but they also have a number of other fashion labels with long inseams (mostly 36 inch but some 37 and 38 inch inseams).

Staying on the theme of jeans, Western stores seem to be a reliable source of long inseam jeans. I'm not sure that cowboys were particularly tall but perhaps its something about all that jiggling up and down on horses that requires a long inseam - if anyone who understands horse-riding better than me would care to tell me, I'd be happy to learn! Western stores tend to be heavy on Wranglers which are your basic bread-and-butter jeans. But Sheplers has a wide range of brands with inseam up to an impressive 40 inches and waist suitable for tall slim and more athletic builds.

Sierra Trading Post

This is one of my favorite stores because you never quite know what you're going to find. Sierra Trading Post sells outdoor and work wear but also heavily reduced end of line items from high end names. Alongside carpenter's pants you may find cashmere socks or an expensive branded suit. Definitely a go-to if you are looking for tall coats and outdoor gear but also well worth a browse through the tall section. Although prices are generally reduced, New Year markdowns give an extra reason to visit!

Destination XL, where life starts at XL.

For the slimmer tall person like me, Destination XL may not offer much, especially for pants and jeans. But if you are more in the "Big and Tall" category (waist 36 inches and above) then you'll find plenty at Destination XL and Rochester Big & Tall (both owned by the same company). For sizes XL and above, Destination XL is also a reliable source of Polo Ralph Lauren polo shirts and other items. Right now, there is a clearance with up to 75% off many items.

234x60 Paul Fredrick : Clearance

At first glance, you might think Paul Fredrick is the place for your dad to shop. Or your grandad. Or some 1970s Wall Street throwback. But stick with me. Paul Fredrick has quite a wide selection of big and tall sizes (not for the very slim but pretty good for most). This is one place you can get wool and cashmere sweaters with Tall sizes and they have a wide selection of good quality dress shirts. Maybe not for your everyday shopping but at clearance or sale time its well worth a browse to pick a couple of "luxury" items.