28 Aug 2014

Pendleton's Native American Inspired Shirts - also in tall!


I first came across Pendleton because of their blankets inspired by Native American designs. More recently, I've been seeing Native American-inspired triangular patterns on more and more clothing and Pendleton is a company that has been weaving wool in the US for over 100 years.

The men's designs range from more traditional checked shirts to some clearly Native American themed jackets and shirts. They do have a tall range, which offers extra length in the sleeve and body although it looks like this may only suit men up to around 6'4".

17 Aug 2014

Silver Jeans : 36 inch inseam in many styles

Free Shipping on all orders! Check out the hottest denim from Silver Jeans today!

Silver Jeans Co. is a family-owned, Canadian denim brand that fills a gap between premium (i.e. expensive!) denim and 'standard' store bought jeans. They call it 'mid luxury' with a blend of modern and vintage details with intricate washes and creative designs. Aimed at customers who are conscious of cost as well as fashion, Silver Jeans offers the latest styles and best quality at a reasonable price. Even better, a range of styles with 36 inch inseam means that tall men can find fashionable jeans at a good price!

We've shown a couple of styles for tall men below, but right now you'll find a variety of jeans styles with a long inseam available on the web site, all for less than $110.

Delivery is free via ground shipping for delivery in the US or Canada. Delivery is also possible to Japan and some countries in Europe. Items can be returned for a full refund within 30 days.

22 May 2013

Revisiting the men's tall jeans selection at Sheplers

The last time I wrote about Sheplers was back in 2010 (see here) so I thought it was worth going back to see whether they still offer the same wide selection for tall men. I wouldn't be writing this post if they didn't.

Their range of brands is heavily geared towards the traditional Western style rather than trendy distressed denim with fancy labels. However, with a range of prices from $20 to $75, you can get everything from a reliable pair of everyday jeans to the higher end brands of Ariat, Stetson or Rock & Roll Cowboy that offer a bit more style. And with well over 100 styles in a 36 inch inseam and at least 40 styles with a 38 inch inseam, you have a good chance of finding something you like!

28 Apr 2013

Tall Shopping in the UK - 2Tall & Others

Every now and then I get news of a new range of tall clothes or a new store opening. Sadly, some of these do not survive for very long. One that caught my attention recently was 2tall,a UK web store for tall guys. I very much hope this store will stay around.

Right now, their range is not huge but covers the necessities and includes some items I have not seen before in the UK. With trouser inseam from 38 inches upwards and T-shirts with options for men of 6'8" and above, this is clearly not just another "Big & Tall" store. They have T shirts in tall and extra tall, casual shirts from Life & Limb, jeans in 38 inch and 40 inch inseam from Mustang and Mish Mash, a small selection of chinos and a good choice of shoes.

18 Apr 2013

Bill's Khaki's : A Plethora of Pants with Extra Long Inseam

I had never heard of Bill's Khaki's until I did one of my regular checks on Sierra Trading Post for some tall bargains. It's a family business that has been producing all of its garments here in the US out of a renovated warehouse in downtown Reading, Pennsylvania since 1990.

All of their pants come unfinished (except jeans, which is a shame but there are plenty of other places to get jeans) which means that you can get a 36 inch inseam wih a cuff or even a longer inseam without a cuff. If you order via the website you can specify the inseam length you need. There is quite an array of colors, styles and fabrics, from a classic twill to more exotic seersucker or chamois cloth for the more adventurous.

Prices at Bill's are not the lowest and since I'm always on the lookout for a bargain I suggest you have a look at Sierra Trading Post Home Page while they have some stock left. They don't have so many styles but you may find something you like.

24 Mar 2013

Extra Tall Range at Lacoste

Shopping in an outlet mall recently, I saw a sign on the Lacoste outlet window that caught my eye - "See our Big & Tall selection". I didn't have high expectations as I've almost given up looking for tall clothes in standard shops but I had to give it a try.

Afterwards, I checked online and sure enough, Lacoste does have a men's tall section (yes, actually tall, not just Big & Tall, which is impressive). Before you get too excited, what they mainly have is some very expensive T-shirts. Still, this is all good quality stuff and there are some tall sweaters, shirts and pants.

22 Aug 2012

Long Inseam Jeans from around the Web

After a bit of a break, Clothing Tall Men is back with a couple of options for tall men's jeans from some less obvious places.

7 Jun 2012

Tall Men's T Shirts : Extra Long Fashion

As a Father's Day gift, or just to refresh your summer wardrobe, well fitting T shirts are always useful. But for tall men, finding any tall fitting T shirts is a challenge, and finding ones that are fashionable or decent quality is even harder. So if you're fed up with buying XL or XXL T shirts because you can't find anything better, take a look at some of the options below!

Eddie Bauer Tall Size T Shirts

Eddie Bauer has a long history of producing quality clothing and they have one of the better ranges for tall men (an extra two inches of length is not going to suit you if you are much above 6'6" / 198cm but it's still better than most stores). They are one of only a few retailers to produce Medium Tall sizes that will suit tall slim men.

Single color T shirts are an essential wardrobe basic and Eddie Bauer provides a basic style with variations; with a pocket, sleeveless and, slim fit. There are over ten colors available in the Legend wash, a soft fabric that is treated to reduce shrinkage and fading. The more casual Island wash offers 'sunwashed' color and a well-worn, casual feel. All are available in tall sizes from Medium Tall to XXL Tall and are at least a generous 31 inches in length.

Eddie Bauer Tall T shirt for Men Legend Wash

21 May 2012

Tall Men's Polo Shirts from Kohl's

As summer approaches slowly but steadily, thinking about short sleeved shirts is a must. My tip for today for some good quality but less expensive polo shirts is Kohl's, who have a good selection of polo shirts in a variety of styles with tall sizes - Large Tall, XL Tall and XXL Tall. Kohl's tall sizes are for men with a longer-than-average torso and sleeve length and they have a slimmer construction so they work well for tall slim men (a tall-sized shirt will be two inches longer in length than a regular-sized style, and the sleeves will be one-and-a-half inches longer).

If you do buy something in the next few days, you'll get an extra 15% off for Father's Day if you use the coupon.

6 May 2012

Lee Jeans - selection of 36 inch inseams for tall men

Lee Jeans - 36 inch inseam for tall men

Lee has been making denim work clothes since 1889 and with sixty or so years of producing jeans for casual wear, you can rely on them to know how to make a decent pair of jeans. Although their range doesn't extend to a 38 inch inseam, tall men are well catered for with a wide range of 36 inch inseam jeans. Don't be fooled by the Big & Tall section on their web site - this only offers extra wide waist and does not include the long inseam jeans at all (why do designers even bother calling this Big & Tall?)