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13 Sept 2015

Plus Two Clothing : Street Fashion for Tall Men

Finding a new option for clothing tall men is always a plus. Even more so when it is a business run by tall people for tall people. Enter Plus 2 Clothing.

Plus 2 Clothing is an Australian clothing label that began in 2013 by Josh & Steve, two tall, slim guys who were fed up with how hard it was to find clothing that fit. In their native Australia, it felt that there was a real lack of “fashionable” clothing aimed at taller, slimmer built men under 40.

As Steve tells, it "with this in mind we set about to design our first tall tee. Of course, it took a fair few attempts before we were 100% happy. We paid particular attention to making it a heavyweight pre-shrunk cotton so that it was not only breathable material but also wouldn’t shrink in the wash - if you're a tall bloke there isn’t much worse than your t-shirts shrinking in the wash. We also knew our target market would be mainly people with an athletic/sporty build, so we wanted to make sure that the stitching would hold up when playing sport or working out. We have since created a range of tall hoodies, jackets and are now focusing on tall button-ups and even pants which we hope to launch in the coming months".

Plus 2 Clothing asked taller professional athletes and even Australia’s tallest man, Kewal Shiels, to test the new tall tees and they report positive feedback, generally from taller guys that usually struggled or had given up finding fashionable longer length clothing. Despite the serious mission, they've managed to combine some serious tall sportswear with a little bit of subversive fun in the form of a discrete giraffe logo.

The core of the Plus 2 Range is Tall Tees and Hoodies. A Large T shirt is 34.8 inches long, which is significantly longer than many standard "tall" sizes, and the Large size Hoodie is 35.8 inches. Standard price for the T shirt of $25 Australian dollars ($18 US dollars when I checked) and $80 - $100 for a hoodie is not cheap but these are solid, heavyweight cotton pieces that should last you a long time . . . possibly more cost effective than buying a couple of cheap or badly fitting T shirts that you have to replace within months! There are also typically some reductions for buying multiple items that bring the cost down. Unless you're down in Australia, you'll also need to check shipping costs carefully, which are noted on checkout.

Best wishes to Steve and Josh as they expand their offering to tall men. Don't forget to check it out to see if there is anything there for you!

Header banner for this post (C) Plus 2 Clothing.

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