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28 Apr 2013

Tall Shopping in the UK - 2Tall & Others

Every now and then I get news of a new range of tall clothes or a new store opening. Sadly, some of these do not survive for very long. One that caught my attention recently was 2tall,a UK web store for tall guys. I very much hope this store will stay around.

Right now, their range is not huge but covers the necessities and includes some items I have not seen before in the UK. With trouser inseam from 38 inches upwards and T-shirts with options for men of 6'8" and above, this is clearly not just another "Big & Tall" store. They have T shirts in tall and extra tall, casual shirts from Life & Limb, jeans in 38 inch and 40 inch inseam from Mustang and Mish Mash, a small selection of chinos and a good choice of shoes.

I warmed to the description of their target audience - "normal sized guys who are tall; tall men who want extra-long jeans, not comedy t-shirts or jeans with an elasticated waist; guys who want modern fashionable clothes that are decent quality but won't break the bank" - sentiments any tall slim man can relate to! They also have good, clear descriptions of sizes available and how these relate to heights, a professional touch that too many sites do not include.

There are plenty of Big & Tall sites in the UK but unsurprisingly, most are very much focussed on the big sizes and the quality is typically not great. A couple of other options are worth noting, though.

WalkTall.co.uk is another tall-focussed web site that has a good selection of tall footwear as well as a good range of clothing, including Camel Active which is a favourite of mine.

High & Mighty also deserves a mention as one of the few high street shops that includes a tall selection. As well as their own house brands (& Brand, & City), High & Mighty stocks American big and tall ranges (Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger) and UK brands. The range includes jeans from a number of brands with 36 inch inseam and above.

Interestingly, High & Mighty have recently started to offer custom tailored shirts from Bivolino, which makes the shirts in Europe and Turkey as opposed to the usual system of making them in the Far East. I am a big convert to custom made shirts, but that will have to be a topic for another post . . .

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