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10 Jul 2017

38 Inseam Tall Men's Jeans at Zappos

At Clothing Tall Men we regularly check back for new tall bargains on our favourite sites. This month we were rewarded with a selection of tall jeans from fashion denim brands at Zappos, including Stetson, Ariat, Cinch and others. You might already have noticed a theme with these names - the brands that offer very long inseam (38 inch and sometimes up to 40 or 42 inch) are Western inspired.

Pictured below is a handful of examples. Stock at Zappos changes regularly, so whether you're after higher end designer labels or more affordable denim, now is a good time to look. They also have tons of choice for the 'usual' long inseam brands like Levi's and Tommy Bahama.


  1. Good find! Thanks! Do not really look to Zappos for Tall clothes.

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