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21 Oct 2011

Tall Men's Jeans in 37 inseam

For tall men who want the length of their jeans to be 'just so', choosing between a 36 inch inseam and a 38 inch inseam may not be good enough. But for men looking for jeans with a 37 inch inseam, there are a few options if you look hard enough.

Most of these are at the higher end of the price spectrum because this size is usually only available from more fashionable labels. If you want this length but don't want the designer label you can try the cheaper Make Your Own Jeans or Indi Denim that will allow you to design your own custom jeans in your exact size.


  1. This is a great find! There are so many options for 36" length jeans, but once you go that extra inch to 37" inches, plus it drops off. Great tall clothing find!

  2. Awesome blog…Inseam jeans look fine on people who have a decent body. There are obviously different ‘looks’ out there. And how you dress reflects on your personality. I think inseam jeans are for people who are comfortable in their skin and would slightly stand out a bit more than the straight-leg community. Those guys are the ‘under-the-radar’ kind a guys, who just kind a glide by and don’t draw much attention to themselves. And I’d say baggy jeans are for people who are too insecure to show their figure and who wanna hide behind some thug/gangster facade and seem more threatening. I am also providing online services for shopping LONG inseam 33 TO 38 INSEAM jeans. Find out long inseam jeans from our website at www.tallguyjeans.com for further details and contact information.
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