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9 Oct 2010

Tall Men's Sweaters in Wool, Cashmere & Cotton

As a tall man, finding sweaters (or "jumpers" for the Brits out there) has always been a challenge. Jeans and shirts can usually be found in a tall size, but hardly ever sweaters, especially when we're talking about proper high quality knitted sweaters, not fleeces. So, having scoured my wardrobe and the internet, here are my top picks for tall sweaters.

Before I start, I should say that I'm pretty conservative when it comes to woollens. Most of my sweaters are plain, although I like to be able to choose from V-neck, crew neck and sweaters with a short zip and collar. Cardigans and vests are not my thing, so sorry, you'll have to find those yourself! Likewise anything adventurous in the pattern department. For that kind of thing in big and tall sizes, Paul Fredrick should be your starting point. What I've picked are some safe classics in good quality materials and autumn colors.

Tall Men's Wool Sweaters

Pure wool, especially the extra fne Merino wool, is an obvious first step for jumpers. Warm but thin, they are a safe bet for both casual and smarter wear. For a variety of colors in V neck and roll neck with tall sizes, Paul Fredrick is the place to look. Cutter & Buck also have some good quality sweaters including a half zip style and (for something a bit more distinctive) the Glasgow tartan style.

Other sites worth checking out include Banana Republic which has a good selection of both plain and patterned sweaters in a good selection of colors - despite names like 'perfumed lilac', 'burnt ginger', and 'purple daisy' (2 pictures in middle row below). You can also try J. Crew for some good styles including slimmer fits.

Tall Cashmere

For the ultimate in warmth and softness cashmere is the obvous choice. Lands' End have some tall sizes of cashmere jumpers in two-ply yarns that are far superior to some of the bargain 'see-through' cashmeres you see in stores.

Tall Cotton

Last but not least, cotton sweaters. Personally, as a tall slim man, I find that cotton sweaters tend to look baggy after a while. I prefer wool, but there are certainly plenty of cotton styles available including tall sizes. Examples below include Eddie Bauer, Nat Nast and Cutter & Buck. Although cotton and cashmere blends have become popular recently I can't help feeling these are meant to give the feeling of cashmere on the cheap. Better to choose one or the other. Polo Ralph Lauren has some big and tall styles in sweaters, most of which are in cotton but also in cashmere and merino wool.

Nat Nast - Tall 

Quarter Zip Sweater (Pinot Khaki) - Apparel Tommy Bahama Big & Tall - Big Tall New Flip Side Half Zip (Black) - Apparel
Outside the US

Lands' End UK stocks the cashmere jumpers shown above and for some more basic options, try Big Tall Order.

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