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17 Sept 2011

38 Inch Inseam Jeans for Tall Men

For many tall men, the ultimate clothing challenge is finding a decent pair of jeans with a long inseam. Finding tall jeans with a 36 inch or 38 inch inseam becomes a piece of internet detective work.

Always eager to help, Clothing Tall Men has compiled a page dedicated to brands and designers worldwide that offer men's jeans in a 38" inseam (including a 37, 39 or even 40 inch inseam where available). Amazingly, we found around 20 labels in the US that make 38 inseam jeans, including tall designer jeans and tall slim jeans, and at least 10 in Europe. As well as the names, you'll find direct links to some of the best quality labels at the link right here:

Clothing Tall Men's Definitive Guide to 38 Inch Inseam Jeans for Tall Men

If you're looking for a 36 inch inseam, there's no need to feel left out. Click on the "36 inch jeans" tag under the title at the top of this blog, and you'll quickly pull up all the articles that include 36 inseam jeans. We'll be featuring more labels as we find them, so keep an eye out for new articles, and also watch for new Twitter posts (see box at right for the latest or click the twitter icon in the right hand column). Happy Hunting!


  1. Great idea for a website. I like most taller men always have trouble trying to find jeans that actually fit me and do not become "high water" pants. I just used your website and it really helped me a lot to find the brand of jeans I want that are in my size. Just wanted to comment and say thank you for helping me out and I hope this helps everyone like it helped me.

  2. This is something that is very helpful! Taller men always have this difficulty in finding nice jeans for them.

  3. Thaks for these comments! I am happy to note that Southern Thread offer a 37 inch inseam in the Tyler and Stilwater styles.


  4. great & helpful post!


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