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28 Feb 2010

36" Leg Jeans for Tall Men from 7 for all mankind

While I seem to be on the topic of jeans, here's another premium denim brand that offers jeans with a 36" inside leg (look for styles marked X-LONG). 7 for all mankind is a brand started in Los Angeles in 2000, and started producing jeans for men in 2002.

Since then, they have been worn by all sorts of celebrities, but more to the point, they offer a variety of extra long styles that are fashionable but will not be 'one season wonders'. The styles featured also have a cut that is lower at the front than the back that will sit a bit lower than a more traditional pair of jeans like Levi's 501s.

7 For All Mankind - Relaxed 36 Long in Montana X-LONG for tall men 7 For All Mankind - Bootcut 36 Long New York Dark  X-LONG for tall men 7 For All Mankind - Austyn Relaxed Straight 36 Long in Los Angeles Dark X-LONG for tall men

You can buy them on the 7 for all mankind web site - www.7forallmankind.com - but for free delivery (and returns) and a wider selection you can also get them from Zappos.com which has an excellent reputation for customer service.

Outside the US

The story here is not so good for extra long jeans. 7 for all mankind jeans are sold in outlet villages across Europe, including Bicester Village in the UK and also in Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. You can get them delivered directly from the brand's own web site but with a delivery cost of over $40, you need to want them badly!

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