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1 Jan 2010

Clothing tall men : is it an activity so complex it needs a web site?

After all, despite a height of 6'5" I have managed to dress vaguely respectably for many years - at least since those teenage days when my school trousers never seemed to reach below my ankles. But for someone with a 36" inside leg and a waist that I am just about keeping to 34", it has always been an ordeal to find clothes that fit and which are fit to be seen in public.

In the US, the UK or Europe, a trip to the nearest mall or high street typically offers little for the 5-10% of men who need longer than a 34" leg or a shirt with long sleeves that doesn't resemble a tent. Meanwhile, despite endless internet sites, there is not much help out there for men who are tall but not "big", just a lot of elasticated waist bands and artificial fibers.

However, if you know where to look, you can find high quality business and casual clothes for tall men. On this site, I will share the brands that I personally have found to offer a good selection of quality clothes for the tall man who is also (pick your term of choice here) 'slim', 'thin', 'lanky' or 'elegantly proportioned'. If the occasional personal note slips in, please forgive me - this is a blog after all, and written as a hobby not a profession.

Everyone who visits this site who has faced the same challenges is invited - encouraged even - to add a comment, send an email or sign up for updates. It's the only way to create a truly useful site, and the only way I'll know that I'm spending my time on something more useful than sitting in front of the TV in my extra large slippers!

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