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18 Jan 2010

Esprit - Extra Long (36 inch) Tall Jeans for the Spirited

I had walked straight past Esprit stores many times thinking it looked full of trendy logo T-shirts and distressed denim. But after hearing that they stock long trousers for tall men, I kept an open mind, and this weekend in an effort to delay grocery shopping as long as possible, I decided to take a look in my local store.

To my surprise they stocked several styles of jeans with a 36" leg and waists from 32" to 36". My taste in jeans is not too adventurous, so the Soul straight leg jeans with soft dark blue denim that they had in stock would have been my choice.

For the more stylish denim afficionado, though, Esprit's shops and online shopping site include a bewildering array of options for 'short form', 'vintage', and 'ultra low rise' forms that sound more like descriptions of architecture than clothing. Most of them have a lower waistline, and there is a range of slim or regular widths.

Beyond jeans, the web sites (at www.espritshop.com in the US, www.esprit.co.uk in the UK and other sites in other European countries) offer a variety of cotton trousers in plain or striped designs and lengths up to 36" long inside leg. The US web site will offer online shopping for the men's collection only from February 2010.

The only item I bought was actually a plain white T-shirt, which was unusual in that the large size fitted me even though I am 6'5" (195cm). The lengths on their large T-shirts and tops are 70-73cm depending on style, a few centimetres longer than the standard T-shirts I have which have a distressing habit of coming untucked when I stretch.

They don't have long sizes, and no leg lengths greater than 36", so Esprit are probably not much help to people above 6'6" or so, but for the majority of tall men, their selection includes contemporary fashion that is often difficult to get hold of in tall sizes.

Pictures (left to right) of Soul, Dragon and Groove jeans, courtesy of Esprit.


  1. i like the 1st one in picture and nice sharing of your thoughts

  2. I have just taken delivery of two pairs of esprit jeans- both 32" waist, 36" leg. One pair of dark blue 'soul' jeans, one pair of vintage. I actually prefer the soul jeans, which are cheaper than the vintage. Good solid jeans for everyday wear. The comments I'd have on the selection are that many types of jeans aren't available up to 36 leg, which you only find out once you've clicked through to the details page, and my first choice of style was out of stock. And, though this is going to make me sound like an old fogey, all the jeans are distressed to some extent!


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