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3 Jan 2021

Tall Men's Clothing with Altitutude - Alto Clothing (UK)

UPDATE: January 2021 - It is with regret that we note that Alto Clothing is closing down and all remaining stock must be sold. Head over there for some final bargains. It is sad to see another tall clothing business close down.

Alto Clothing is a UK online store for tall men's clothing, cut for slimmer people. They offer extra long inseam jeans but more importantly, some difficult-to-find tall items like tall hoodies, sweaters and other tops. Alto focuses on affordable clothing on the principle that "value is just as important to you as availability. If you're used to paying premium prices for your clothes, you'll be pleased to know that our commitment is to offer you hard to find tall men's clothing priced as competitively as we can".

Alto caters for tall men from 6ft 3in (1.9m) and have an inseam (inside leg) of over 34in (86cm) and a waist size up to 40in (102cm). They offer waist sizes starting at 30in (76cm) and inseams up to 38in (97cm). Alto focuses more on height than width, with a range of tall trousers and jeans that start at smaller waist sizes (30 inches) than usually found in the shops.

Prices are extremely reasonable although without having ordered from them myself, I cannot comment on quality. Delivery in the UK is not expensive and Alto Clothing also delivers to the US, EU, Australia and New Zealand for 10-15 British pounds per order.

7 Apr 2019

Tall skiing jackets for men

Mount Rigi, Switzerland

Finding a new skiing jacket was long overdue as my baggy old XL jacket was starting to look decrepit as well as badly fitting. As ever, the challenge was to find one that fits and looks good. After fruitlessly scouring endless sports shops, ordering online seemed to be the only practical option. Always keen to find the widest options for tall men, I searched and directly contacted many outdoor apparel stores and I am happy to share with you my best finds. If you have found other options yourself, do let me know.

Meanwhile, as the ski season draws to a close for 2019, get ready for some discounts on last year's stock and to get in early on the limited tall sizes for the 2019/2020 season!

Columbia Sportswear

After exploring various options I opted for the tried and trusted, since my old jacket was from Columbia. Since humble beginnings in 1938, Columbia Sportswear has become one of the largest "outdoor and active lifestyle" companies in the world with sales of $2.8 billion in 2018. For such a large company, however, their tall range is good but not outstanding.

I am extremely happy with the Whirlibird III Interchange jacket that I bought. The 3-in-1 design means it has an inner jacket that is great for mild weather while the ski jacket served me well for a week in Austria when the wind chill was -16'C and the snow was driving horizontally. As you can see from the photo at the bottom of this article, the Large Tall size was plenty long enough for me at 6'5".

Summit Sports offers a broad range of tall sizes as well as big & tall with good discounts. Their stock is not always latest season but this does mean there is a good choice from multiple product ranges. Delivery outside the US is possible but very expensive. The Columbia web site also offers the current season's styles in all sizes. The stock for 'special' sizes like Tall appears to be very limited and is only available on the US site for US delivery, not any of their international sites.


For over 75 years, Obermeyer has emphasized “fit” to ensure the ultimate performance between design and function. Founded and headquartered in Aspen, Colorado, the company is conscious of the environment and the main Obermeyer office is an award-winning “green” complex that receives 60% of its heat from solar energy. The clothing is also high-tech, incorporating weatherproof technology, lightweight insulation, specialty fabrics, innovative styling, and individualized features "to simply make being outside feel better".

Maier Sports

A German brand, Maier Sports does offer some extra tall sizes. Look for the filter "Long" in the size menu that shows products in sizes 94 (tall slim) to 122 (4XLT). However, they do not sell directly and tall sizes appear not to be widely available online. The web site will also direct you to a local store (in mainland Europe) from where you can order their products directly.

An easier solution might be to check Highley Tall, a UK online shop that specialises in tall sizes. They sometimes stock styles from Maier Sports.

3 Jan 2019

38 inch inseam pants at Sierra Trading Post

Sierra Trading Post - Shop Now

It is possibly the only connection I have ever had with Wyoming. Sierra Trading Post was founded there in 1986 and has grown to sell $200 million a year of clothing - mainly reduced cost closeouts and seconds, with a focus on outdoor clothing. To a tall person who is not picky about the latest fashion, that is exactly the recipe for bargain hunting.

Most of the time on Sierra Trading Post I am looking for outdoor clothing but there is often a reasonable selection of casual clothing and its always worth checking for tall sizes. Right now, there is a good selection of at least a dozen pairs of jeans with 38 inch inseams and even more with 36 inch inseam. There is always a bit of a lucky dip feeling, because the selection of waist sizes is limited and a bit random but you'll probably find something in your size.

Right now, the denim brands that are available are the usual ones with tall sizes; Stetson, Rock & Roll Cowboy, Wrangler and Carhartt. There are also chinos from Hiltl and Toad & Co. However, the nature of close-outs is that stock changes quickly so check regularly for new options.

38 inch inseam extra long jeans for tall men 38 inch inseam extra long jeans for tall men 38 inch inseam extra long jeans for tall men 38 inch inseam extra long jeans for tall men

25 Feb 2018

Yikes! It's Yoox for tall men

It's been a while but while casting around for some winter gear (more to come on that in a later post) I noticed a few 36 inch denim options at yoox, a site that offers reductions on some more premium denim brands. With no further ado, I invite you to take a look at some of their current selection, which includes Dockers, Tommy Hilfiger Denim amongst other brands. You'll have to filter and search for the affordable options amongst the smaller sized designer stuff. The company is based in Italy and delivery to US is $9.95.

36 inch inseam extra long jeans for men 36 inch inseam extra long jeans for men 36 inch inseam extra long jeans for men 36 inch inseam extra long jeans for men

24 Aug 2017

Back to School - Tall Ties for Tall Men

It's not often I wear a tie these days, even working in a corporate office. But every now and then I need to smarten up for a special meeting and it's good to have a selection at hand. As autumn / fall approaches, jackets come back out of the wardrobes and ties are maybe a little more in evidence. Styles change as well, so investing in a new tie every now and then will make sure you have something up-to-the-minute.

Just one tip for tall men though - avoid skinny ties. This is always good advice for anyone in my personal opinion, but particularly for tall men it could make you look even taller and accentuate your slimness. The other point is always to go for silk, except if you are looking at the currently popular trend for matte, textured ties that might be in wool or even cotton.

For a wide selection of ties in extra long (64 inches - which is actually taller than a lot of people!) in silk and other materials you can try Ties.com. These are reasonably priced and there is a wide range of styles. Pictured below are some plain tie colours but this is more for visual effect than anything else - I personally prefer my ties in stripes or patterns and if they are plain to have some detail or texture to break up the solid colour.

On that note, Nordstrom has an excellent selection of different styles of extra long ties (61 - 65 inches) for those whose budget stretches to the $50 - $150 range. Having shopped there myself earlier this year I can certainly vouch for the quality.

A last but important note is the tie knot itself. Four tie knots are typically used. However, the scientifically curious or those who want to make an impression may note that there are many more ways to tie a tie if you set your mind to it. Anyone inclined to try something new may enjoy the paper "Designing tie knots by random walks" from researchers at the University of Cambridge.